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The new dimension of real-estate marketing



Recently, it’s hard to imagine real-estate marketing without architectural visualizations. High-resolution renderings will often be used for print and online marketing. The idea is to invoke an emotional response of the viewer – the potential tenant or buyer. In the digital age, even the conservative real-estate sector is thinking about new sales channels. Developers and real-estate agents need to be even more creative with new ideas to make their objects more interesting in order to stay interesting in the marketplace.

Through improvements in computer speeds, it is now also possible to view real-estate models in interactive 3D spaces. The combination from architectural visualization with cutting-edge computer game technology now makes the viewing an intense experience. With the use of VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR, prospective buyers experience an even deeper immersion in the virtual world.


The advantages of interactive 3D tours over traditional renderings are plain to see. First, by moving in a space, the scale of the real-estate becomes clear. Through an interactive tour, by immersing in the virtual surroundings, the prospective buyer comes to know the real-estate.

With virtual reality, you can turn your real-estate into an interactive experience. Walk through your real-estate in first-person perspective and interact in real-time with your furnishings. Change the floor, materials, and lighting with the press of a button.

Invite your customers to a virtual tour and save on the costs of an actual prototype apartment, home-staging, and architectural models.

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